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Unleashing legal innovation: Insights from LawFest 2024

LawFest 2024 has left a lasting impression on attendees, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the future of the legal landscape. Dennis Wade, the Country Manager of InfoTrack New Zealand attended on behalf of InfoTrack and shared his reflections on the event.

How was LawFest 2024?

LawFest 2024 was amazing! The conference surpassed all expectations, offering a wealth of valuable insights, cutting edge legal tech trends. The conference was abuzz with networking opportunities, indicative of a renewed interest from law firms in embracing technological solutions to enhance efficiency and drive profitability.

What was the feedback from clients at the event?

Amidst the multitude of sessions and sponsor booths, InfoTrack’s presence was notable, with the booth emerging as one of the most visited. There was a keen interest from existing clients in InfoTrack’s new user interface and workflow for property searching in New Zealand, garnering positive feedback, and sparking meaningful discussions.

Delegates mentioned that they enjoyed the sponsor booths being all under one roof and were impressed with the amount of legal tech available. I also noticed that foot traffic in the main sponsor hall seemed to be better than other years which shows a renewed interest in legal tech products and how they can help law firms thrive into the future with efficiency, time and cost savings.

Were there any themes or topics that stood out?

A central theme throughout LawFest 2024 was the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the legal profession. Attendees were urged to adopt a curious mindset towards AI, viewing it not as a threat but as a catalyst for innovation and transformation. The sessions emphasised the importance of embracing AI to streamline legal processes and deliver enhanced services to clients.

Speakers like Cat Moon, Director of Innovation Design from Vanderbilt Law School stressed the significance of human-centred design in driving innovation within the legal sector. By prioritising empathy, curiosity, and collaboration with technology, legal professionals can navigate the complexities of the modern legal landscape and stay ahead of the curve.

Cat Casey, Chief Growth Officer from Reveal talked about how the legal industry has tinkered around the edges with some automation tools for years, but generative AI and Chat GPT has brought AI into the mainstream. She said don’t ignore AI – instead experiment with AI! AI is no longer a future conversation – it is now, and everything is moving faster than many predicted. Cat said we can’t stand still as it is important to keep abreast of what is available, what others are doing and what is around the corner.

Finally, Titus Rahiri, CEO and Founder of KorumLegal reflections echoed the evolving nature of the legal industry, emphasising the need for adaptability and forward-thinking strategies. By fostering a culture of innovation that embraces both people and technology, law firms can position themselves as pioneers in the age of AI-driven legal services.

What steps can we take to foster innovation within the legal sector in light of these insights?

Firstly, it’s crucial to cultivate a culture of experimentation and openness, where legal professionals feel empowered to explore the potential of AI without reservation. Secondly, investing in continuous education and training initiatives can equip practitioners with the skills needed to leverage AI effectively. Lastly, fostering collaboration between legal firms and technology providers can drive the development of bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of the industry.

LawFest 2024 served as a catalyst for transformative change within the legal profession, highlighting the immense potential of AI to revolutionise traditional practices. By embracing innovation and embracing the opportunities presented by AI, law firms can chart a course towards a more efficient, client-centric future.
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