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The insolvency register contains details on current bankruptcies, No Asset Procedures and Official Assignee administered liquidations. The insolvency register also holds details of bankruptcies and No Asset Procedures discharged less than 4 years ago. InfoTrack allows you to search the insolvency register.

Companies have three types of insolvency options which can be shown by this search:


A receiver is appointed by a secured creditor to deal with the secured assets. A company can be in receivership and also in liquidation or voluntary administration.

Voluntary administration

An administrator is appointed to review and rearrange a business to avoid liquidation.


A liquidator is appointed to investigate and deal with all the business assets. The creditors can apply to the High Court for this to happen (Creditor Liquidation), or the shareholders can pass a special resolution (Voluntary Liquidation). The liquidator is usually a chartered accountant, or an insolvency expert.

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