Practice management system integration

Integration as a word is often used loosely. The real meaning of integration is “the bringing together of separate elements to create a whole unit”. In InfoTrack language this means:

  • we seamlessly and securely integrate into third party systems: practice management systems, document management solutions and accounting software.
  • from title searching and company searches, to using our data visualisation tool, REVEAL, we integrate into your workflows to ensure you don’t miss a beat.
  • we provide and install integration free of charge with zero downtime so we don’t disrupt your workflow.
  • we tailor our solutions for you so your workflow is perfect.

For more information about how you can integrate your systems with InfoTrack please contact our Country Manager on 0800 11 77 78.

Who we integrate with

InfinityLaw logo

InfinityLaw is a comprehensive legal practice management system for which InfoTrack provides integration for your searching needs. Improve the efficiency of your firm and capture disbursements easily with InfoTrack's seamless integration. Get in touch with our country manager Dennis for more information.

ActionStep logo

ActionStep is a 100% cloud based legal practice management & trust accounting system in which InfoTrack seamlessly integrates with to provide easier workflows and time-saving benefits. If you would like to know more about ActionStep please get in touch.

Ready to install InfoTrack integration? Download the ActionStep data sheet.

LawMaster is the legal practice management software that will enhance the performance of your firm. It integrates every practice management tool you need in one simple, powerful and intuitive solution. With LawMaster, there’s no need for software add-ons or separate applications for accounting or time recording. The five fully integrated Management Centres perform seamlessly, giving you complete synergy across Practice, Document, Financial, Knowledge and Matter Management



Practice Evolve was established by experiences lawyers who wanted a functional, cost-effective practice management solution.  Practice Evolve is in use by global enterprise with several hundred users; with deployments regularly storing repositories of documents numbering in the hundreds of thousands to millions.  It can be readily extended to adapt to changing requirements and can be deployed quickly.  A quality legal practice management software that’s value for money, and has excellent support.



Aderant is a global industry leader in providing comprehensive business management software for law firms and other professional services organizations.  Aderant is a market leader in technology solutions for practice and financial management, knowledge management, business intelligence, matter planning, calendaring and docketing.  Aderant is an established and trusted partner due to its versatile and innovative technology solutions, superior customer support and reliable implementation process




Six benefits of integrating LexisNexis Affinity with InfoTrack:

  1. No need to re-key, data fields are mapped from Affinity.
  2. Easily select party information in Affinity for ASIC, PPSR and all corporate related searching.
  3. Integration delivered via Standard Affinity functionality with 100% compliance with the Affinity End User Guide.*
  4. Seamless document management with completed search results returned directly your document management portal.
  5. Reliable cost recovery, searches are completed under valid matter numbers only.
  6. Easy installation with zero downtime.

*While InfoTrack does not have any formal partnership in place with LexisNexis, the InfoTrack system may be used in conjunction with Lexis Affinity without breaching the Lexis Affinity end user agreement. InfoTrack remains committed to ensuring that the InfoTrack System works and will continue to work smoothly with the Lexis Affinity system.

Download the InfoTrack LexisNexis Affinity Integration Flyer


Five benefits of integrating iManage with InfoTrack

  1. Save 40% in time when ordering searches*.
  2. Save money by avoiding disbursement write-offs using our real-time cost recovery.
  3. Save valuable time by avoiding manual bookkeeping entries.
  4. Fastest certificate and search return in the industry.
  5. Pay via monthly invoice.