Enhance your Estate and Probate services with Will Trace - a digital locator to help law firms trace Will records.

Law firms hold Will records for clients until required by a family member, an Executor or Trustee, or someone who has an interest in an inheritance. 

In simple cases, you are appointed as Executor, and your firm holds a copy of the Will or at least has knowledge of its whereabouts. However, if this isn’t the case, locating, and obtaining access to your clients Will can be a tedious and manual task.

This is where Will Trace, InfoTrack’s digital service for Will records, can support your firm. By using this solution, you will minimise the time and money your firm spends on identifying probate opportunities with our ever-expanding database of Wills.

How Will Trace works

In two easy steps you can start receiving death notice notifications matching your client list.  
Step 1: Sync your matters that you want included in Will Trace 
The information synced includes your client’s name, date of birth and the location of your firm. Future Wills you create with automatically sync daily.
Step 2: Access Will Trace when your client passes away
Once you sync your Will names, you gain full access to the service, meaning, you can use Will Trace to locate a Will registered by other New Zealand and Australian law firms.
When you sync your firm’s Will records to Will Trace, you unlock access to Wills not held by your firm,
whilst being alerted when other firms request access to Wills you hold.

Benefits of Will Trace

Find Wills that other firms may hold to support your client requests and grow your base.
No need to search newspapers or probate court advertisements.
Fast-track the process of finding your client’s latest will.
Details of future Wills names are automatically updated.

Start using Will Trace

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