Property plans & instruments

When you order a title search via InfoTrack, you now have the ability to order any of the associated plans and instruments with the click of a button. We also offer the ability to order an LIM report in five regions.

What's great about ordering these new services?

• The streamlined process saves you time with every product you order.
• It's all under one roof. You can use the same login for your other property, personal and corporate searches.
• If you use Actionstep or Infinitylaw you can launch your search directly from the matter. Results are automatically returned to the matter and all disbursements captured.
• Just like all our other InfoTrack products, there are no monthly fees or contracts, simply pay as you search.

How do you order plans and instruments?

Order your plans and instruments in three simple steps.

  1. Order a title search.
  2. Choose the plans & instruments tab.
  3. Select which plans & instruments you need and click order.