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What you need to know about
Land Information Memorandums (LIMs)

What are Land Information Memorandums (LIMs)?

Land Information Memorandums (LIMs) are a record of information on a property held by the relevant council. They includes information on the property’s rates, zoning, building consents, and natural features. They are a source of due diligence when looking to purchase a property.

What information does a LIM provide?

A LIM is a consolidated report prepared, at request, by the local council in which the property is located. The report includes all information council holds at the time of the order. They conveniently package all relevant information together instead of you, as the potential buyer, having to research everything individually.

LIMs can provide information on the following:

  • Stormwater or sewage drains
  • Information on protected or heritage buildings or trees on the property
  • Land features such as erosion, flooding, wind risk and subsidence
  • Rates, including overdue rates
  • Permits, building consents or requisitions, and other certificates previously issued by the local council or building consent authority
  • Zoning information
  • Any other information that the council thinks is relevant

Do I really need a LIM report?

It is sound due diligence to order a LIM report when intending to purchase a property. Many Sale and Purchase Agreements have a clause relating to a LIM to allow for consideration before the agreement goes unconditional.

If you purchase a property that previously had building works completed without council consent, or where a final code of compliance certificate has not been obtained, you could be liable for rectification or removal of the unlawful structures. Ordering a LIM report for a property you intend to purchase means you can confirm that any work on the property was consensual. In the case where a LIM reveals there was no consent for work done, you can either negotiate with the seller for them to rectify the issue, or back out of the purchase. 

Similarly, a LIM report may reveal potential issues such as flooding and instability, and other natural hazards, which may influence the property value, and change your decision to purchase the property. 

How can I get a LIM report?

Your legal practitioner can order LIM reports through InfoTrack New Zealand.

If you are a legal practitioner, you can save time by ordering all your property searches, including LIMs, in one platform by using InfoTrack New Zealand.   

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