Infinitylaw and InfoTrack Integration

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About Infinitylaw

Infinitylaw is a comprehensive legal practice management system that helps clients focus on their core business while operating efficiently and profitably. With Infinitylaw, clients can improve their efficiency, increase their billable hours, comply with their trust accounting responsibilities, grow their business and stay mobile.

Benefits of Infinitylaw and InfoTrack integration

Increase productivity and simplify your searching needs with InfoTrack’s intuitive online system. This seamless integration allows you to save and distribute searches and related services, so you can swiftly and easily capture disbursements.

Order searches directly from
your matter in Infinitylaw

Reduce data entry

Immediately capture costs
available for billing

Utilise easy PPSR party search

Access visualisation tool, REVEAL, complimentary, which provides an easier way to view your PPSR search results

Seamless document management with
completed search results saved
to your matter in real-time

See how the integration works

To see the integration in action, watch our complimentary on-demand webinar:
Simplify and accelerate processes with Infinitylaw and InfoTrack Integration.

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