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Lawlink Conference 2024: learning beyond boundaries

The Lawlink Conference is an annual event where partners, managers, and lawyers, alongside sponsors, come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build rapport within the association. InfoTrack has proudly sponsored this event since 2017. This year, Dennis Wade, Country Manager of InfoTrack New Zealand, attended the conference and shared his reflections on the event.  

Hosted by the esteemed Lawlink member firm Gibson Sheat, the conference took place at the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor in Wellington. This setting provided a wonderful backdrop for InfoTrack to connect with legal professionals from across New Zealand and demonstrate how we continue to be a vital tool for their businesses. 

The theme for this year’s conference was “Learning beyond boundaries,” a concept that deeply resonates with our mission at InfoTrack. The sessions over the three days encouraged attendees to explore and push beyond their traditional horizons.  

The conference featured a diverse lineup of engaging speakers, including: 

  • Terri Mottershead, Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Innovation, who provided insights into the future of legal practice. 
  • Jane Lewis, Psychotherapist from The Outlook Consulting Group, who discussed mental health and resilience. 
  • Campbell McKenzie, Director of Cybercrime Incidence Response Solutions, who highlighted the growing importance of cybersecurity in the legal sector. 
  • Robyn Hill, Director of Courageous Conversations, who led engaging sessions on effective communication and leadership. 

The highlight of the event was the keynote speech by William Pike, an inspirational figure who survived the 2007 Mount Ruapehu volcanic eruption. Despite this life-changing experience, his passion for adventure and drive to succeed remained unscathed. William’s keynote, “Stepping outside your comfort zone,” encapsulated the essence of this year’s theme.  

“I believe that to achieve and experience anything extraordinary, you need to be able to step outside of your comfort zone,” William Pike shared. His message emphasised that growth occurs when we face challenges head-on, a sentiment that resonates with the continuous evolution of the legal industry and the advancing role of technology within it.  

William’s insights into goal setting, resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset were particularly impactful. They reminded us that while change can be daunting, it is also an opportunity for growth and innovation. This parallels InfoTrack’s mission to support law firms during times of change, making transitions smoother with our agile and innovative solutions. 

Reflecting on the conference, Dennis noted, “William’s words about stepping outside your comfort zone truly resonated with me. The legal industry is always evolving, as is technology. At InfoTrack, we’re ready to aid law firms in navigating these changes, ensuring they are well-equipped to embrace new opportunities.  

“The Lawlink Conference 2024 was a celebration of learning, growth, and the spirit of collaboration. The team at InfoTrack and I are honoured to be part of such an inspiring event and look forward to continuing our support for the legal community, helping them navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and innovation.” 

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