The new standard in property exchange

Securexchange provides all parties in a property transaction with a safe environment to confirm bank account details and arrange deposit and exchange.


Securexchange is accessible only to an authorised network of verified users and requires multi-factor authentication.


Easily update one another on progress of the transaction with a simple traffic light system.


If the deposit is transferred to the trust account verified in Securexchange, your deposit funds are guaranteed.

Cybercrime stats

Cyber crime alone is estimated to cost the country between $250m and $400m a year.

New Zealanders are the most likely people in the world to have experienced a tech support scam.

In the last quarter of 2018, New Zealanders reported losses of over $5.9 million - up $3 million from the third quarter. $4.9 million in reported financial loss was to scams and fraud.

Who is Securexchange for?


Lawyers and conveyancers

Buyers or sellers

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